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When you have a business who operates abroad, it is critical to stay in compliance with local laws and regulations. Our vision is to be the leading services and solutions provider for international companies doing business in Sweden.

We do not just provide advice and tell you what needs to be done and when — we also perform the services you need to complete your compliance requirements. If you ever have questions or need support, we have a dedicated team standing by to help.

You will, along with the support of our specialists, set up a routine to fit the exact needs for your company. Whether you need us for standard services as accounting and payroll, or more specialized services as director services, registered office address or meeting rooms – we have you covered

Our standard services


Cash management

Payroll & HR





Establishment services including shelf companies

Our specialized services

Registered office address and postal services

Director services

High end adress and meeting rooms

Office space


Dfk Internationell

DFK är ett internationellt nätverk för byråer i branschen. Idag finns det 90 medlemsländer och över 220 medlemsbyråer. Vi tillsammans med ett fåtal andra svenska byråer har fått glädjen att få vara med i DFK International. Nätverket är till för att utveckla högkvalitativa och serviceinriktade byråer runt om i hela världen. Nätverket ger även möjlighet till nära samarbeten mellan länder.

Member firm: 220
Member offices: 439
Countries: 95
Members fee income: 1.402bn

DFK International - ett internationelt nätverk för redovisningsbyråer.

Centuro Global Network

Centuro Global helps businesses ‘Go Global’ through strategy wrapped in a cutting-edge technology platform.International expansion is normally a complex process with advice often required from multiple parties, covering legal, accountancy, tax, and marketing amongst other considerations, and business owners often find the whole process stressful, time consuming and expensive.Centuro Global simplifies this process by providing a coherent strategy and roadmap for new market entry and business growth, provided by our in-house team of global expansion experts. With an exclusive business community of fast-growing businesses, corporates, angel and institutional investors, government bodies, business leaders and professional services firms worldwide, Centuro Global elevates businesses beyond boundaries.

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